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Our first book, The Boy With The Sword, is a fast-paced fantasy adventure, suitable for ages eight and up. The sequel to Dragon Run, it stands on its own as a complete novel.

How far would you go to save your home?

A lot has happened since Al left home. He’s learned to sail, fought assassins, faced down dragons, even seen an entire city be destroyed. Now, he just wants to go home.

But Al's home has changed.

The castle and city have fallen under the control of Magister Trejir. Trejir's soldiers are terrorizing the people of Dockside, and nobody has the strength or courage to fight.

What can one boy with a sword do against the soldiers and magic of Trejir?

Find out in this action-packed sequel to Dragon Run!

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“Effective worldbuilding, strong character development, and fast-paced action make for an entertaining adventure.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Readers that enjoy action will gladly travel through this fantasy realm with the sword-wielding Al.” - The Children's Book Review

“Once again, Matthews has penned a simply riveting read that will be especially appreciated by all dedicated fantasy fans. Certain to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library ” - Midwest Book Review

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