Second Story Up

Imagine a warm window on a cold night

One person sits at a keyboard, creating tales of adventure, mystery, and wonder. Another is lost in a book, exploring a new world. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, or both, we're building a place for you.

We’re Second Story Up, a new kind of publisher for a new kind of reader.

Reading is changing

We live in an age of distractions, with entire industries built around the goal of getting our attention. At the same time, the popularity of short-form entertainment has exploded. Given these trends, it’s only natural for our attention spans to be decreasing, and our patterns of consuming information to be changing.

Where does Second Story Up fit in?

Long-form fiction is our passion, exciting stories of adventure and mystery that also speak in terms of metaphor and analogy. The best story, for us, is one that’s fast and easy to read. It takes us away from the world, but stays with us long after we’re done reading. It leaves us asking questions and looking around with new eyes.

The mission of Second Story Up is to bring those kinds of experiences to today’s readers.

We’re starting by publishing a couple of traditional books. While those are in the works, we’re building new ways to share our stories, and by “our” we don’t mean just the ones we are writing.

Those are only the beginning.