Bradley's Dragons


“An intriguingly exciting hero’s journey that’s also beautifully thoughtful and humane.” - Kirkus

2020 Book of the Year!Certified Great Read2021 Mom

“Bradley's Dragons is a magical journey that has a great message on handling bullying. It was an exciting adventure that my son couldn't put down.”
- Creative Child Magazine (winner of their 2020 Children's Book of the Year award!)

“...fresh mythical depictions of dragons and fairies (fae) weave their magic on the mind in an enchanting, page-turning way. Intertwined concepts such as facing fears, growing up, and fitting in are well-suited to the intended audience and allow the reader to relate and connect well with Bradley. The story is carefully plotted with an intensity that builds and unfolds with talented pacing.”
- The Children's Book Review

“Bradley’s quest matches well with every adolescent’s need for self-understanding, coming to terms with their family, and finding a life path. His leap into maturity is especially well handled: The odyssey is both suspenseful and deeply moving.”
- Kirkus Reviews (critic's choice, 8/25/2020)

“A compelling cast of characters with rich backstories round out this fantastical story of a scared kid learning to stand up to bullies and be true to himself.”
- Booklife (review includes spoilers)

“Magic, mystery, family secrets, and danger abound in this fast-paced, coming-of-age fantasy novel—the third book by author Patrick Matthews centered around dragons. The novel teems with drama from the first page, and readers will be swept up by intrigue and action.”
- Children's Book Review

“This book is seriously awesome! 5 stars are rare for us, yet we’d give this one 7 if that were possible. Seriously, I could barely put it down – great characters, good plot lines, enough depth, and breadth to really get into it. And finally, a tale told fully that will have you biting your nails and turning pages as fast as you can.”