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A core component of our mission is to create books that are more than just entertaining. For example, The Boy With The Sword features a world rocked by two extremely different opinions regarding recent world events. The conflict is strong enough to separate families. Does this sound familiar? Do you see any parallels with our current world?

The book does not preach or advocate any one position. Instead, it raises questions and gives readers the space to consider their own opinions. Can we find friends among those who disagree with us? Should we? How do we know when a disagreement is important enough to end a friendship? How do we deal with friends who have walked away from us?

Inside the Classroom

Patrick Matthews offers a variety of different presentations about writing and being creative. Click here to learn more.

Aside from in-school presentations, we are working on ways to facilitate the use of our books in the classroom, developing tips and curriculums for teachers. We anticipate launching these in 2020, probably for the school year that starts in the fall of 2020.

Second Story Up Outside the Classroom

Whether you’re a home-schooler or just a parent interested in connecting with your family, reading can be a powerful tool. As with our classroom initiatives, we are looking at ways that we can help you share our books with your family, and anticipate launching some of these with the publication of our next book, most likely in May of 2020.

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